Saturday, May 19, 2007

Srivaishnava LakshaNam - Narasimhan swami

Pillai Lokacharya in Mumukshuppadi tells what are 10 Aga lakshaNas:
1. Leaving materialistic attachments along with the vAsana
Vasana illustrated : The smell of flower lingers even after it is removed. So even the Vasana must be removed.

Illustrations :
1.ravana convenes MantrAlOchana and decides who should take on whom . But vibhIshana tries to make Ravana understand that Sita is the lethal axe in the clan of the Rakshasas. Seeing Ravana's stubborn attitude , Vibhishana finally leaves all property, wife and everything else back in Lanka.He surrenders to Lord Rama. Even when he has given up everything , valmiki calls him SrIman because he is going to attain the SrI of the Kainkaryam of the Lord.
[Gajendra moksha vruthAntham also cited ]

2. Yamuna was born as the grandfather of Nathamuni . He was inducted into the school of a guru. The royal scholar and Sri Yamuna are engaged in duel. The queen refers to Yamuna as "emmai ALavandIrO" and hence the name AlavandAr. Alavandar defeats the royal scholar. The king gives half his property to his Alavandar. Alavandar rules, forgets sampradayam. Manakkal nambi gives Thuthuvalai kIrai to ALavandar and stops suddenly. Absence was noticed. Alavandar and Nambi meet on Nambi's appearance. Nambi guides Alavandar to Periya Perumal seeing whom Alavandar renounces everything .

3. KurEsa hearing that PerundEvi thAyAr and Devaperumal referred to him as a wealthy person rather than Ramanujadasan - from Thirukkachhi Nambi , leaves all property. While passing through the forest he asks what AndAl is afraid of and even throws out his gold plate into the woods to remove any fear. He gives up everything and proceeds to Srirangam.

4. NanjIyar also gave up his patnIs and divided the 2/3 of wealth to them and took 1/3 wealth and attained Swami Bhattar. The reason was indifference of his wives to srivaishnavas.

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