Wednesday, May 16, 2007

amalanadhipiran 6th pasuram - ranganathan swami

22:00-23:00 IST, 16th May, 2007

6th pasuram:

throat or neck of Perumal

his trouble
one who solved this problem
one that has beautiful feathers
the land of tiruvarangam
one who is swami, who resides there
outside the andam
held by seven great mountains
everything else has been swallowed
It made me live

stomach, chest and kantam (endowed with relationship to prakriti)

udaram has signifincance during pralayam
srivatsam- mula prakriti

kantam(throat) has first contact than udaram

greatness of throat:

Rudra who doesnot have complete moon but a fraction of it on forehead.

brahma has 5 heads, but was removed one head by rudra, because of ego clashes.

brahma was created by narayana and rudra is in turn created by brahma.

It is like a subordinate disrespecting superior

brahma cursed the skull will not leave rudra. it stuck to his hand.

He must accept alms in the skull, when it is filled only, it will be broken.

Siva is very absorbed in tapas. He left everything like a renunciant. Still holds moon, which is representation of pleasure.

Such desires led to ego.

The skull has to be filled to remove his dosham.

harasaapa vimochana perumal has removed the pain of rudra.

Siva was hiding from place to place before Lord removed him for that suffering.

chandra had several wives. and was cursed by inlaw, to never be a full person.

To get rid of this curse, he came to srirangam, and chandra pushkarini is celebrated even now, commemorating the protection offered by ranganatha.

upanishads confirm, Lord being the creator of all devas, starting from brahma, rudra,...

Lord is appan(father) of all.

Lord is merciful to rudra.... and saved as ranganatha.

In this tiruvarangam, there are several pastures. Bees make music, as they live in the pastures.

In the pastures which are very very inviting, because of vegetation, they are so involved in the pasture lands, and they seem to enjoy there. They seem to be completely immersed in happiness of enjoying those resources.

In the same way, alwar is also absorbed in the perumal's throat.

It is not possible for somany bees to be at one place, they must have come from different places. They find refuge there.

See the kantam. It is not ordinary throat.

The brahmanda is inhabitated by all jivatmas, who are yet to attain moksha.

The entire brahmandam or prithvi is being supported by 7 great mountains.

jivas, andas, and all the organisations and frameworks of those organisations, without exceptions all of them are swallowed through the throat.

alwar finds this very enjoyable. The experience is enhanced by these words of description of alwar.

Real greatness of this sequence of swallowing is unthinkable.

alwar is so completely satisfied with this experience of throat.

Alwar has not seen perumal swallowing, but by merely looking at His throat, he immediately inferred.

It is this throat protecting alwar's atma.

paramatma is smaller than jiva as antaryami. And greater than anything when He swallows the brahmanda.

The throat has given atmagnanam.

azhagiya manavala nayanar: for the same pasuram....

we rely on some planets or animals for medicines. But if the herb itself is affected by disease, it is a great calamity.

Sankara is an obstacle remover in general, but he himself is put to trouble now, by brahma's kapalam.

tirumangai alwar says:

sriranganatha along with periya piratti,...

protected the ugly looking rudra, because of kapalam in his hand....

by distroying that kapalam

such a Lord's tiruvadi must be sought.

tiruvarangam appears to be a great place because of periya perumal.

If that is the state of bees, what is state of perumal, if that is the state of perumal=> what is the state of His throat?

The throat has captured or even arrested alwar's thought.

alwar surrendered as adiyen

the great throat gave alwar seshatva gnanam

tiruppanalwar tiruvadigale saranam

emperumanar jeeyar tiruvadigale saranam

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