Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mumukshuppadi -kanthan swami

23:00-23:30 IST, 17th May, 2007

birth of tirumantram.

emperuman saw all beings suffering, making Himself both acharya and sishya.

What is the need for emperuman to be a sishya? did he not get anyone in the world to become a sishya?

Since the people of the world did not know the qualification of a good student, He Himself wanted to set an example.

Manavala mamunigal explains:
sishya has to be
i) astika, theistic
ii) dharma seelam, regulated ethical life
iii)should be a vaishNava
iv) gambhiram - like a sea, which doesnot get disturbed by small small abberations
v) everything of a sishya only for serving acharya- this is the most important quality (body, health, wealth, house, ....)

nyasa vimsati of Vedanta desika

a) budhi is clear
b) sadhu buddi - sadhu sEvi
c) strict adherence to varna asrama
d) eagerness to learntattva hita purushartham
e) susrUsha towards acharya
f) ahankara is not there during service to acharya
g) disposition to prostrate of acharya in every respect
h) we should be awaiting right time to clear our doubts
i) control over senses
j) total control on mind
k) no jealousy
l) surrender to acharya waiting at the door for acharya to come out
m) sastras should be trusted fully, in complete
n) ready for surprise tests, should be grateful to acharya for those

People in the world dont follow these principle, Lord Himself exhibited them, being as nara, the perfect disciple.

He also wants to show that these are principles that can be followed.

Emperumanar had to go 18 times to tirukoshtiyur nambi, to demonstrate the same qualities.

All the scriptures, cant they be read by ourselves?

Why cant we learn by ourselves?

mantra janya gnanam (the knowledge of thirumanthra given to you by acharya, it is like inherited wealth), sastra janya gnanam (swayam arjitam, self attained with hard work)

acharya gives us tirumantra , it is like inheritance of property from acharya.

sastras are very complicated, and mind has a lot of complication to understand scriptures

desikan in munivahana bhOga, commentary of amalanadhipiran....

I follow the footsteps of sadacharya. Every one give me the title vedantacharya. As for as myself considered, I only take shelter in my acharya parampara.

the vEdanta has put me into a great difficulty, I have studied all the divya prabandas, and got my mind cleared.

tirunamam sankirtanas are plenty in the world.

Then why tirumantram so special?

It is from rangaraja stavam, Bhattar says says...

Oh namperumal, your kalyana gunas are indescribable, uncountable so are the Avatharas describing them

vishNu dharmam---- Amongest the plenty of gunas oh Vishnu 6 of them are important for you

Lord has taken countless number of avataras...

mantras of perumal are also unlimited. Sahasranamas are also far from exhaustive.

Out of countless mantra
1. vyApaka (all pervading nature of bhagavan are explained in these mantras) 2. avyApaka mantras (one or few avataras and kalyana gunas)
only 3 vyaapaka mantras

amongst avyApaka mantras, the 3 vyApaka mantras are more important

vishNu gayatri- if we add om and namaH to narayanam vasudeva, vishnu- they become mantras. These are better than avyApaka mantras.

Out of these, narayana mantram is the most important.

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