Monday, May 14, 2007

amalanadhipiran 5th pasuram- ranganathan swami

22:00-23:00 IST, 14th May 2007

pada padartham:
which is burden
association of samsara, karma
it has been removed
the vasana is removed, and directed to periya perumal
by perumal
in addition, He entered into the heart of tiruppanalwar
severe tapas
did I do?
as for as I know, I have not
swami of tiruvarangam
periya piratti
the chest of periya perumal and piratti
Is it not the very chest which as piratti
as long as with achith sambandam
after receiving atma gnanam
says adiyen

very importat pasuram for sampradayam.

Periyaacchan pillai's commentary

alwar is pulled towards divine chest of periya perumal
He does creation, destruction maintains as a sport
alwar's karma is big burden even for periya perumal for whom srusti stiti laya are mere sport
magnitude of sins is so large.
These sins have been existing for very long time. It is because of sambandam with achith from time immemorial
since atma has no beginning, and has always been with karma, the burden of karma is also very huge.
karma is classified in 2 ways. Karma - 1.pUrvAka karma
2.utharAka karma

pUrvAka karma :
1.sanchitha karma
2.prArabda karma

sanchita karma(bank balance, the karma which is there, and we have not yet started experiencing),
prarabda karma(karma which we have already started experiencing)

prarabda can be again broadly classified into 2.
1. vartamaana sariraabda--- with the given sariram with which saranagaty performed. certain karmas started having results
2. sareera antara arabda karma-- previous deham started experiencing this karma and the remainder is carried into current body.

after saranagaty also, we do karma.
uttarAka karma --
1) gnaatam(unknown)
2) agnaatam(unknown)

sa-anutaapa karma(for which mumukshu repented),
niranutaapa karma(not repented for this karma)

sanchita karmas destroyed completely- at saranagaty.

uttaragama- if has repented, will be forgiven

for agnata karma- if we have repented, Lord forgives again

finally Lord gives moksham.

Here alwar says: association or the attraction for samsara is removed(cut down forcibly by Lord)

karma that is accumulated over several ages, it is a huge burden. It has to be uprooted, not just remove.

a huge ocean of sins, karma....
one who has not yet realised his swaroopam, because of association of karma.

Perumal has done such a favour to 'such' me.

He did as if He is helping Himself.

replacing the sambandam of samsara with His own.

He crowned Him in the position of alwar.

Lord felt is feeling somuch tapam(hotness) for being seperated from alwar for so long.
As soon as He found alwar, He just plunged into alwar's heart.

Lord has invoked atma swaroopam immediately into alwar.

The rakshasa called maaya challenged vaali,

Famous mandukopanishat story of two birds.

Eating karma sickens the bird(jiva) but the second bird which is not interested in any karma results is unaffected, and only acts a witness.

Perumal has removed that achith sambandam.

What is the reason for this great saving of perumal?

He doesnot remember doing any great tapas(penance) towards perumal.

Why does alwar enquires now, he can happily enjoy his atma swaroopam?

This contemplation is because, this kind of penance he should have performed, but he did not.

What could have motivated perumal? any return from alwar?

But perumal doesnot even want anything in return.

From paramapadam Lord descended in between two kaveris, just to bless alwar.

Since alwar is the property of perumal, perumal rushed to protect alwar.

Alwar is simply is blown over by periya perumal.

Perumal is swami. Swatantram of perumal.

haaram(garland)- tiru(lakshmi)- marble
but alwar glances tiru first, because perumal's karuna wins over His swatantram

Reference to ramayanam.
2 activities of piratti- 2 messages
1. towards jivatma -hitopadesam towards ravana(jiva) (u must know rama is repository of dharma, hence take refuge. Because He protects dharma take refuge, or atleast make rama his friend. If you cannot approach rama with folded hands, atleast approach as a friend, even then rama will protect. )
2. towards perumal -(even One who is deemed to be a murderer, or even henious crime; One who is associated with good dharma should show pity even towards those worst people, and protect them. There is none who has not done aparadham. If one is truly virteous, the beauty of such men is to protect even most henious men)

this is done by purushakaram, i.e., periya perumal.

Even though alwar has not done anything to motivate perumal to save him, yet because of the mercy of piratti, LOrd rushed to protect alwar.

haram's greatness - 1) is beautiful, 2) associated with perumal
hanuma explains rama's shoulders
well forms, well built, like iron shoulders, very long, should be Ornamented to cast-away bad drushti(sight) at such beauty
ornaments serve the purpose of protecting Lord's arms from kudrushti.

hanuman thinks: Lord came without any ornaments to hanuma, because perumal wanted to show all His beauty to cast away the karmas of hanuman

Then alwar says, adiyen, with atma gnanam
In the same way, alwar is shown all His beauty by perumal to remove alwar's achith sambandam

After talking to sita piratti, hanuma understands He is not just messenger of rama, but the servant of rama.

This pasuram and dwayam has close relation.
tiru-is kainkarya sri

alwar emperumanar jeeyar tiruvadigale saranam

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