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Explanation of AkalakillEn pasuram -ThiruvAimozhi 6-10-10- Sri U.vE. Vanamamalai Padmanabhan swami

Akala killEn iRaiyum enRu alarmElmangai uRai mArba
nigaril pugazhAi ulagam mUnRudaiyAi - ennai ALvAnE
nigaril amarar munigaNangaL virumbum ThiruvEnkadathAnE
pugalonRillA adiyen - un adikkIzh amarndu pugunthEnE ! 6-10-10 of ThiruvAimozhi

Pasurams are chanted TWICE because of 3 reasons :
1. The first and last of each 10/11 pasurams. or
2. They mention divyadesams/divyadesam EmperumAn in a unique way
3. They have great philosophical content

Example of 1 is uyarvara vuyarnalam .
Example of 2 is yEnamAi nilam kENDa, nambiyai then kurunkudi ninRa.
Example of 3 is ARu enakku nin pAdhamE charaNAgath, akala killEan iRaiyum enRu.

Our pUrvAchAryAs view aruLicheyal and the meanings with angle of rahasyathrayam and artha panchakam always. It is said if a thread is dropped at any portion of aRuclich cheyal, thriumandhiram,dvyamor Charama slOkam is obtained.

SvAmi NampiLLai in the Great introduction to ThiruvAimozhi -Second Sriyappadhip padi-explains how ThriuvAimozhi is like dhvyam.
This is further explained in detail by SVAmi pILLai lOKAcharya in in Sara sangraham. This has been again referred to by SVAmin Aghaiya maNavALap perumAL nAyanar in The AchArya Hrdhyam as "dvyArtham dhErka charaNAgathi enRAdhu sARa sangrahagthilEA". Our poorvacharyas have explained at several pasurams in relation with dvayam , thirumantram and charamaslokam.
Swami Nampillai explains that in thiruvoymozhi in the avathArikai to 4th ten 'oru nAyakam'

1,2, 3 hundreds - > dvayartham second line -uthra vAkyam
4,5,6 hundreds - > dvayartham first line -pUrva vAkyam.

The uthra vAkyama emphasises on service to EmperumAn for His sake. This is categorically explained in 'emmA VETTu 'thiruvAimnohzi
ThanakkEyAga enaik koLLum EdhEa' ThiruvAimozhi 2-9.

Sriman -pirATTi's togetherness with the Lord.
pirATTi's nithya sambandham.
nArAyaNa - The auspicous qualities of the Lord which surfaces at the purushakAram of pirATti.

namely, vATsalyam, svAmithvam, sauselyam and saulabyam

vATsalaym- overlooking the defects and in fact taking the defects as a plus point-dhOshamEa BogyamAk koLLudhal.

svAmithavam- The Supreme owner of the worlds.-the power to rescue the jevAthma.Withouth this power vAtsalayam will not be efficacious.

sauselyam- The freely mixing quality. At the time of final embrace, the Lord mixes freely with the jevAthma without inhibition.

Saluabyam- Free and easy accessibility.

CharaNau :the two divine feet.

CharaNam prapathya: ultimate refuge in HIm.

Role of PIrATTi /PurushakAram

The Piratti stays with the Lord and precipitates his auspiscious attributes and suppresses His swathantrayam which is essential for our survival.
Sri - mathup - in dvayam explained in the pasuram - permanent togetherness of Sri with Lord.
akala killEan:
I will not move out O Lord - says AlarmEl mangai. Her erstwhile lotus bed is throny and only His chest is comfortable. She stays there as she is well settled there . So she is not willing to leave it at any instant of time. So she says so even when no one asked her to get down or there was no time she got down from His chest. She cannot imagine being wihtout there and therefore reiterates this agian and again.
What is she going to do by being there ?
The Lord has 2 attributes springing out of independence:
1. He is independent
2. He will apply rules for punishing us for our sins

So Her task is mediation or purushakara.In Ramayana evidence is in the contrast fate of Kakasura , Demonesses - and - Ravana. In the first 2 cases there was purushakaram and they escaped, while in the third case Ravana met with a bad fate because of absence of piratti sambhandam (purushakaram).
Piratti plays mediatrix role.

Her purushakaram submerges the swathantryam and precipitates the auspicious attributes which are
(explained by NarayaNa nAmam)

The lines"akala killEan iRaiyum enRu alarmEal mangai vuRai marbA" thus indicates the nithya sambandham of pirATTi and the resultant purushakAram.
This gives rise to the auspicous qualities of the Lord.

nigaril pugazhAi-The immaculate matchless quality- Out of the 4 qualities mentioned -vAtsalyam is termed as the immaculate, matchless quality.This is the epitome of mercy and showered by EmperumAn despite He being the highest, this quality sparkles in contrast to others.
vathsalyam-love towards atma inspite of defects - primary guna - that rises out of purushakaram - like mother's love - happily accepts the defects of the person who has surrendered to Him and shows his mercy - this is called nigaril pugazhai - unparalleled good quality - this is unmatched quality .
ulagam mUnRu udaiayAi -swamitvam- ruler of all 3 worlds and all chith and achith.

ennai ALvAnEa-Such a High ParamAtma mxing with me freely-Sauselyam

- nigaril amarar muni gaNangaL virumbum thiruvenkadathAnE - soulabhyam - easily accessiblethe Lord of nithya suris and sages is easily accessible as in Thiruvenkadam - all three types of devotees without difference - those who want materialistic pleasures , kaivalya and Moksham or kainkaryam - all people come to ThiruvEnkadam including Nithya sUris and sages. So he is accessible to all types of devotees and devotees of both this world and Vaikunta .

From here on Swami appeals for Kainkaryam
There is Adhikari LakshaNa:
1.Akinchanyam- have nothing to offer in return.-
2.Ananyagathithvam - no other refuge - pugalonRilla
Says adiyen out of great desire to serve or kainkaryam
The last two lines explain charaNau sharam prapadyE and end as un adikkIzh amarndu pugundEnE

ADikkEzh refers to the Divine feet of the Lord - puvAr kazhalgaL.

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