Friday, May 11, 2007

amalanadhipiran - ranganathan swami

11th May 2007
4th pasuram:
udarabandam= a belt on SrIranganatha

Lanka is protected in all 4 directions... with three layers
1. Water
2. forests & Mountains
3. Walls built
ravana felt rama is a mortal, and thought the three layers would protect him, like an animal in a cave.
Later came to know that He is none but nArAyaNa.

HanumAn thought He would speed unhindered into lanka like Rama's arrow.

Lord narayana rules over both vibhutis, material and spiritual.

ravana could not be killed by other gods.

when in war with rama, none of these gods can help ravana either(quote from sri ramayanam)

To his own people, ravana was a good ruler, although he had caused trouble for other lands.

Had ravana was of good character and followed dharma, he could be even made the kings of gods, by SrIman narayana.

Each time ravana's heads are sepearated by rama's arrows, his heads would be re-grown.

Rama gives him many chances before killing ravana, sothat ravana can change his mind.

ravana was left without being killed previously when ravana is actually de-weaponised, still, He gave Him an opportunity.

Lord waits for us to lose our ego, and submit to Himself, and until that time, He lets karma take its course.

ravana is in no mood to understand the intention of Lord giving him many opportunities.

celebrations pertaining to Lord rama's victory, with monkeys.

ravana is killed by none but vishNu, and monkeys are none but demigods.

Just as Lord killed ravana and throwned vibhishana, same way tiruppanalwar is relieved from ahankaram and gave atma gnanam by periya perumal.

AhamkAram removal = killing of ravana
gracing Atma swarUpam=throwning of VibhIshana

Plenty of honey available in srirangam. The bees are singing in full bliss, looking at the victory of periya perumal.

peacock is dancing...THe feather of peacock is so huge, that it can span entire garden.

The bees and peacocks are none but nitya suris, enjoying this victory of Lord over deficiencies of tiruppanalwar. The bees and peacocks represent nitya suris.

alwar wonders, by comparing the abdomen and the belt around abdomen, because he is confusion which is beautifying which.

udarabandam declares...
It is this stomach, all the worlds go during dissolution, and all worlds comeout during creation.

so, the ornament here is not the belt, but the stomach itself.

It is natural for people to seek God, they work place to place, travel extensively, try different things, and later come to
know about God. But here Lord's udarabandam is enough, and it absorbs the heart of alwar.

It is His nirhetuka krupa of perumal, captures the heart of alwar.

Lord settled down in the heart of nammalwar.

The importance of rama avataram in this pasuram is because, Lord rama is so merciful that he granted moksham for all the
residents of ayodhya including plants, and lower animals. Such a grace is found even in periya perumal in this instance. Hence the invocation.

Jai SrImannarayana!!!

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