Saturday, May 12, 2007

sri vaishnava lakshanas - narasimhan swami

22:00-22:30 IST, 12th May, 2007

sri vaishnava lakshnangal:

sanatana dharma= srivaishnava matam (emberumanar darsanam)
sri visishtadvaitam (all names can be used interchangeably)

para vyUha vaibhava antaryami archa avataras

para vyUha archa
Even before vibhava avataras, archa graces us. Even Rama worshipped namperumal, hence namperumal
is the first avataram.

Emberumanar darsanam is the best name for our sampradayam.

Lord is jagatkaraNa karaNam.
namperumal is with piratti.

chit-achit-iswara are all true.
advaitis dont agree to this tattva trayam.
our jeeyars have tri-danda to confirm the three realities.

sarIra-sarIri bhAvam. We understand this, where as other matams, donot understand this.
ghataka srutis

vedam should be understood in its entirety.

Narayana is sarva vyApi(all pervading).
all devas are not devas by themselves. Perumal makes them gods.
without His will none can even move.

some learned men say, alwars are normal men who are blessed by perumal, and some others call them amsas of Lord's weapons and other associates.

perumal picked alwars with His causeless Mercy.

He gives us acharyas. He gives us all opportunities.

rama iti raama.

SrImannarayana is the first acharya.
Pirattiar- next, sri devi, bhoomi devi, neela devi

always repeat guruparampara bhajana and dwayam. -first and prime most lakshanam.

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