Wednesday, May 16, 2007

amalanadhipiran 5th pasuram continued - ranganathan swami

22:00-23:00 IST, 15th May, 2007

amalanadhipiran -5th contd.. ranga swami

azhagiya manavala nayanar's commentary

bound by yasoda

Lord overcome by yasoda's love.

Udaram represents Lord's love for both chith and achith.

udaram has great attraction, still alwar is still pulled towards chest.

Because chest has permanant relation with both chith and achith.

srivatsam represents prakriti tattvam- Lord is always associated with achith , udaram has association only during pralayam.

koustubham represents jivatma swaroopam- Lord is wearing jIvatma swaroopam.

soulabhyam becomes even more prominent with 'chest'

At udaram- mark is left, not the belt itself.

Hence alwar is pulled towards 'chest'

karma- without exception, brahma to all beings bound

what was the upayam handled by alwar, that led to the grace of the Lord?

the supreme and ancient dharma is krishNam. KrishNam dharmam sanatanam.

Lord Himself is the dharma.

SInce alwar has got the association of the Lord, his karma has been removed at once.

Lord is sidha dharmam.

Karma is of many types - good karma, punyam-> pleasures; bad karma, papam->tamasagunam

To spend several thousand brahma kalpas of experience of hell can be just due to a half a second karma on earth.

Even Lord has to put effort take away such a magnitude of sins.

ignorance is not knowing things as they are.

=>Since we are ignorant, we only seek ignorance, ironically.

karma->sarIram->karma (the loop)

we donot even know what to follow.

Alwar is saved by sidha dharma,i.e., periya perumal

Lord gives experience.

It is impossible to become eligible for moksha

Instead seek Lord for qualification.

jIva is the house of all aparadhas.

Excepting the Lord there is no upAya for jIva.

Lord entered into the alwar and stayed there, sothat there is no change anymore in alwar's atma gnanam.

alwar has not performed any tapas

It is just the nirhetuka krupa, and no other reason for alwar's upliftment

Lord's grace is only due to periya piratti.

Lord's soundaryam and gunas

And it is most prominent through His chest.

This is purushakaram of piratti's greatness.

How was alwar given seshatva gnanam?

swaroopa virodhi

AsrayaNa virodhi

upaya virodhi

upeya virodhi

bhoga virodhi

shEshatvam is graced by removal of virOdhIs

The Lord is the only upaya upeya and ashrayana vasthu

swarUpa virodhi was removed by dominance of gnAna and Ananda that folowed the removal of karma

bhOga virodhi was removed thus : an atma with gnAna enjoys itself

but because of sambhandam of periya piratti , it was made to understand that it is not bhogi but only the bhOga vasthu

the atma is object of enjoyment, the lord is the enjoyer.


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