Sunday, May 13, 2007

mumukshuppadi 3rd lecture- srikantha swami

22:45-23:15 IST, 13th May 2007

tirumantram- reverence as first rahasyam

from brahma to a minute being all are samsaris.

When does a jeevathma become a samsaris? we donot know when it started, and like a continuous flow, swaroopam of atma is covered both punyam, papam (karma) and vasanas bind atma. And they forget isvara.

haritasmriti: all jivas are subservient to paramatma.

Both in this bound state and mukta state, we are subservient to emperuman.
But this knowledge is forgotten.

The first quality of atma is its subservience to emperuman.
emperuman is the Lord of all worlds including Himself.

Wealth is to be attained by swami, not the wealth finds swami.

why dont lokacharya say atma never knew this knowledge, but uses the word 'forget'
-alwars always used the word 'forget'

avidya(ignorance) masked knowledge of isvara.

When someone forgets about one property, then, even if such property is stolen, the owner wont feel any pain, as owner is not even aware of his property in the first place.
because we have forgotten knowledge of self, isvara; we are even not worried that we should get it back.

Only after doing saranagati to emperuman, one can cross the sorrows of samsara.

tapa trayas: adhyatmikam, adi daivikam, adi bhoutikam.

crossing samsara is not possible to jIva without 'artha panchakam'.

what is the mercy of emperuman? lakshmi tatvam says: because possessions and possessor are always connected, it is the responsibility of possessor to protect possessions.

jIva needs to develop mahaviswasam. Any object thrown into ocean is thrown out of the ocean, whereas the sharks and fishes are not thrown out. Because they have trust in ocean.
In the same way, we have to have total faith on emperuman.

for a samsarari in the ocean of samsara, vishnu is the boat. We have to board it ourselves.
Emperuman Himself became a sishya and acharya as nara and narayana.

tirumantra is not created by perumal, it is revealed by perumal.
perumal can be acharya, but why He has to take the role of sishya too?

becoming an acharya is easy, and becoming sishya is difficult. So He showed us how to be a disciple.Just like namperumal is still acting as perfect disciple of mamunikal.

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