Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mumukshuppadi kalapshekam-kanthan swami

22:00-23:00 IST, 18th May, 2007

all mantras classified into 2.

1.vyaapaka(only 3, viz., narayaya, vasudeva, vishnu) 2. avyaapaka(unlimited)

vyaapaka mantras are supreme in efficacy.

Even among them.... periya tirumantram is held supreme.

artha purti.

asishta parigraha...
vasudeva, vishnu are very much touched by advaitis and other kudrushtis.

4 categories of authorities have accepted tirumantram
1. vedas
2. rishis
3. alwars
4. acharyas

upanishads prefer narayana sabdam.

tittiriya narayana prefers narayana's paratvam.

entire vedantam is condensed into narayana anuvakam, and there narayana's greatness
in mahopanishad also-- at pralaya kalam- only narayana existed. none or nothing else.

narayana is all pervading.

all atmas are emberuman's sarIra. all achith is emperuman's sarira.

If we are His sarIram, will our mistakes affect The Lord.

These qualities donot affect Him.

wherever paramatma is explained in full, narayana sabdam is used.

Vedam being itself an authority, has confirmed narayana's supremacy.

Puranas and itihasas prove sad maharishis have accepted.

narayana sabdam is exhalted by many rishis from puranas and itihasas.

alwars.... who consider emperuman----- as dharakam, poshakam, bhogyam
greater than rishis

They consider narayana to be the supreme name.

acharyas who strictly follow alwars, held the same view.


tirunama vaibhavam

Even greater than Lord. He is far away, but His name is near to us.

For draupadi, when she is in great trouble, only tirunamam could help her.

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