Sunday, May 13, 2007

sri vaishnava lakshanas 2- narasimhan swami

22:00-22:45 IST 13th May, 2007

SrImannarayana is the originator of our matam.

emperuman gave srutis.

lakshmi+ narayana = sriman narayana

sri never leaves narayana

=> visishtadvaita sidhantam

chith, achith, isvara are all true.

it teaches sarIra-sarIri bhavam

It bases on sruti

three types bhEda(Difference), abhEda(sameness), ghataka(not unity, not diversity; unity in diversity)

trimatacharyas: sankara, ramanuja, madhva

all three have accepted srimannarayana as the supreme Lord.

Their difference is in understanding the reality of chith, achith, isvara and their inter-relationship

veda vyasa took oath on all scriptures(raising his hand), There is no bigger scripture than vedas and there is no
bigger god than kEsava.

Out of all 18 puraNas, vishnu purana is called purana ratnam(the best of puranas)

sesha seshi
dasa- swami

jagatkarana karanam(narayana suktam confirms) is narayana

from vyUha avatara -> brahma originates
above all material worlds- satya lokam, and the lord of satya lokam is created by narayana.

nammalwar gracefully reveals with his causeless mercy these 'facts'.

devas are not somuch different in status from us, in relation to emperuman.

He is jagat rakshaka- as vishNu

all alwars are normal beings. Lord gave them clean state of mind. Hence they can see Lord with pure heart.

perumal gave alwars and acharyas.

alwars gave clear true fluent knowledge in the form of prabandas.

guru parampara


74 simhasana adhipatis

we have to respect all acharyas

get dvayam from acharya.

What is sri vaishnava lakshnam?

there are 2 kinds of things 1) bahya(physical) 2) antaranga(mental)

bahya: urdva pundram, tulasi mala, pavitram

none is a born sri vaishnava, although birth may help to some extent

One should go through initiation- i.e., doing saranagaty- either directly to perumal or do to an acharya and in turn to perumal

pancha samskaram is very important
tapa(imprinting sanku and chakra)
pundra(having holy feet of LOrd on our body to note His supremacy)
How to wear it. Narayana is never seperated from lakshmi. at 12 places for 12 names of the Lord.
nama (servant name - ramanuja dasa)
mantra (rahasya mantra from acharya)
yaga (tiruvaradhanam adhikaram given by acharya, by introducing us to perumal)

bahya lakshanas can be imitated by anyone.

10 lakshanas of sri vaishnavas -pillai lokacharya

details explained in next lecture

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