Thursday, May 17, 2007

bhagavad guna darpanam (1-30) kalyan swami

22:00-23:00 IST, 17th May, 2007

1.viswam- purnatvam (moksha dharma quotes, Lord enters in every thing) and makes everything full and complete.

2.vishnu = visatiti vishnu- all pervasiveness(vishnu includes everything, excludes nothing) isavasya upanishad reference.

3.vashtkaara: = vash is root- under control to the Lord

4.bhuta bhavya bhavat prabhu: - the master of all times, seshi

5. bhutakrut- refers to creation, all beings are created by Him

6. bhuta bhrut- He supports all beings

7. bhaava:- bhavatIti bhAva: everything is included in Him , all are His vibhUtis, everything is within Him

8. bhUtaatma- bhUtaanaam atma bhUtaatma - He is the atma of all bhutas, bhuta is one which has a body and controls it. sarIra-sarIri sambandam

9. bhUta bhaavana:- the nourisher and maintainer of all creation, sesha sEshi sambandam

10. putaatma- not affected by karmas

11. Parama:tma:-adding to wat devareer wrote, He unites all Jiva:tmas with each other and with Himself

12. muktaanaam paramaam gatihi - muktatma is free from karma and sins. PlUral in the muktaanam indicates, multiple muktas, and Lord being different from them. vaikuntam or paramapadam is the place from where there is no return.

13. avyayah-after raching Him, none will be returned or separated from Him

14. purushah-He gives in plenty and allows muktas to enjoy His Kalyana Gunas

15. sakshi-in mukti Brahman gives ananda and see them enjoying

16. Kshetrajnah-knower of a region beyond matter for Muktas to live unaffected by Prakrti--paramapadam is kshetram

17. akshara: - inexhaustible store of bliss. His gunas will never diminish with enjoyment.

18. yOga: - He is the the only upayam and goal.

19. yogavidam neta: - who doesnot take Him as upayam- even for them, He is the controller of their efforts and also the end result giver. Out of grace, Lord stays in their atmas.

20. pradhana purusheswara: - He cuts all relations with prakriti.

21. naarasimha vapu: - he came down as narasimha to protect greatest bhakti yOgi, prahlaada

21. SrImaan - unrivalled beauty. Lord narasimha is most beautiful

22. kEsava: - He has curled locks of hair with enchanting beauty.

23. purushOttama: - the best of all purushas. Greater than all chetanas, muktas, and nityas.

24. sarva: - He is all, as He pervades everywhere. He protects everything as everything is His own body.

25. Sarva: - Lord destroys all sins, whoever is His body.

26. Siva: - gives auspiciousness to everyone.

27. stanu: - ever at the call of His devotees, His results are permanany

28. sthanuh--he is firm and unshakable and continuously confers that which is good and auspicious

29. bhUtaadi: - He is sought after by all bhUtas

30. Nidhiravyayah-he is indestructible treasure

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