Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mumukshuppadi -kanthan swami

22:00- 23:00 IST, 19th May, 2007

how tirumantram fulfills our welfare

prapanna jaati is higher than 4 varNas.

tirumantram will give both kainkaryam and material welfare for devotees

how tirumantra is granting...

Not all adhikaris have same desires...
tirumantram has capability to satisfy all the desires.


aihika aiswaryam, swargam, paaraloukika aiswaryam, kaivalyaanubhava(enjoyment of own atma, at the outer layer of vaikuntam, it is like death of soul, but tirumantram can grant this too), and bhagavad anubhavam

tirumantra japa/homa is upayam

karma/gnana/bhakti yoga nishta- tirumantram becomes auxilary help

karma yoga is very difficult, many obstacles-- tirumantra removes them

even to start gnana yoga, one should have karma yoga, and then there are many obstacles- should meditate like oil flow on emperuman

bhakti yoga- without karma, gnana... there is no bhakti. Should not hear anything other than emperuman. very difficult to achieve.

For all these three states.... tirumantra helps.

for prapannadhikaris----

we donot do 1000 times anusandhanam
no homam
we donot need any fire sacrifices

tirumantra helps us to contemplate on God, and enjoy His qualities. It is how prapannas pass time.

It gives us knowledge to enjoy emperuman's qualities, as we donot have the necessity to save ourselves.

for karma yoga- good physical body, and so on. But karma/gnana/bhakti yogas are against jiva's swarupa

sita piraatti says: I could have killed ravana by a look, but it is against my swaroopa. To be protected by the Lord is the only proper process.

Upaayaantara is against jivatma's swaroopa.

tirumantram is like milk, honey and nectar- alwar says.

If some one likes alwar, must also follow.

what are all the meanings we enjoy from tirumantram.

What is knowledge?

sutram 23: artha panchakam.

For each of these pancha artha gnanam have obstacles.

all the veda, vedanta, and rishis ultimately speak only this artha panchakam
and the whole topic of tirumantram is artha panchakam.

chaturdhi vibhakti of tirumantram--

acharyas are always contemplating on the tirumantra.

Until they got this tirumantram, they considered themselves unborn. Birth of knowledge for atma comes from tirumantram. They never leave anusandanam of tirumantram.

always their works comprised tirumantram embedded.

pillai lokacharya at every instance recalls the practises of purva acharyas, and only repeat the same in sutrams.
We also should always contemplate on guruparampara.

Our heart is a real temple.

What is the need of emperuman? tirumantram gives everything. But our acharyas insisted that only emperuman is the upayam and upEya.
vachakam(tirumantram)- vachya(emperuman) prabhavas

why is this so?

prapannas do think that emperuman alone is upaya and upeya.

artha panchakam:

seshatvam, and paaratantrya are important swaroopam of jivas.

the result of prapannas is moksha.

reference of archiraadi margam-- susumna naadi- brahma randhram-- (reference also in bhagavadgeeta)

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