Saturday, May 12, 2007

mumukshuppadi 2nd lecture- srikantha swami

22:30- 23:30 IST, 12th May, 2007

even women and children can take advantage of this great scripture.

mamunikal poses questions and answers himself. - his unique style
mukukshu wants moksha.

different matam followers think different states as moksham. Like pasupatas, jains and many others have their own definition of moksham.

moksha is of many types according to different people's religions.....
but all other things are not moksham, except the state of going beyond samsaram. Sasthras say Samsara vimochana or getting rid of samsara as moksha

kaivalyam and bhagavad anubhavam are alone counted as moksham.
kaivalyam is moksham but kaivalyarthi is not mumukshu in the context of mumukshuppadi. in kaivalyam- jivatma enjoys in himself. No interest in perumal. For such a person, no need of rahasya traya.

three rahasyas: necessary
atma/paramatmaswaroopam, upaya/virodhi swaroopam, purushartha swaroopam.
nothing else is needed.

why are they rahasyas? because they are the absolute of essence of vedas and give immediate moksham

who is adhikari? Is the one who seeks Bhagavad Anubhavajantha preethi karitha kainkarya.
what is the first rahasya? tirumantram.

for an adhikari : swaroopa gnanam - atma is gnanamaya,anandamaya,
swaroopa yaddhtmya gnanam- Seshathva and parathanthrya
tyajya upadeya vibhaga gnanam- what has to be avoided, what has to be attained.
ananya sEshatvam -only emperuman has rights
ananya bhOgyatvam - only emperuman should be enjoyed- meaning piratti, alwars and acharyas too
ananya saranyatvam – only emperuman has to be surrendered.
explains atma swaroopam as it is.

since everything comes only from tirumantram, it is the first rahasyam.

In the tirumantram - omkaram- mantra sesham explains pranavam
and it is further explained in dwayam and charamam.

why is it called mantram?
who recites it, it rescues the chanter. Hence called mantram.
Mantra rescues in 2 ways. 1. sabda sakti 2. meaning of the mantra sakti
But both have different efficacies.
the upasakas who worship with sabda sakti
according to vedanta: gnanaan mokshaha. for us upaya is not mantram, for us perumal HImself is the upayam, we only take shelter of the meaning of the mantra.

in ashta slOki of parasara bhattar says- in some medicinal plants flower for some purpose, root for some purpose,...and so on
tirumantra removes different kinds of diseases.
1. dehatmabhimanam- we think deham is atma. makaram helps such people, as it gives atma gnanam.
2. free soul mistaking- akaram helps- it tells us that we are not svatantra
3. we may think sesha to many - ukaram helps
4. nama: - helps for those who think they can help themselves. It explains, the actual rescuer is not yourself, but emperuman
5. narayana padam explains- 9 relations with emperuman.
5. aaya- declares- we have only bhagavad kainkaryam, and nothing else we need

we should have love towards tirumantram.

What is so great about tirumantram?
1. From the 4 vedas, and ancillaries, the meanings of everything is condensed in tirumantram.
2. all knowledgeable meanings that we should know is in tirumantram
purest of pure, confidential of all secrets, mantra of all mantras
Great objects should be handled in great way as well.

how should we treat tirumantram?
We should do anusandhanam(contemplative recitation) with utmost love.
we should protect it from hearing by anadhikaras(those who cannot understand its greatness)
From seshasamhita says: mantras have to be hidden(meaning of the mantra), you can say about acharya who gave the mantra, but not mantra. Mantra has to be learnt from acharya. if we do that, we lose our gnanam, prosperity and everything.

mantram helps in all ways, if we recite it properly.

LOve towards mantram,mantra prameya(perumal), mantra giving acharya

akaraara trayam of Emperuman

all world is in control of the Lord, and Lord is bound by mantra, and mantra in under the control of acharya. Hence,we should have thankful feeling towards acharya, emperuman(for one giving the other)
the avataram of tirumantram:

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