Monday, May 21, 2007

amalanadhipiran 7th pasuram - ranganathan swami

22:15- 23:30 IST, 21st May, 2007.

amalanadhipiran 7th pasuram:

If one can visualise the form of perumal, any perumal, especially namperumal....

the utsava murty has 2 upper hands. He has sanka(panchajanya) and chakra(sudarsana)

The lips , crown, garland of the Lord, everything is wonderful. aghatana ghatana samartha.

Lord has a beautiful tirumeni, wearing tulasi garldands.

He is the ornament of tiruvarangam. Precious, the best of everything. He is lying down as jewel of tiruvarangam

On adisesha, He is lying down. His red lips are captivated by alwar.

alwar is surprised or amazed by the sudden experience of Lord's beauty.

stomach of perumal has captivated alwar.

Then the throat.

Then the mouth.

Alwar is stunned by the details of different limbs of the Lord.

Lord has great fame because He swallowed all worlds.

Kanchi swami says: we cannot ask perumal to eat something, because we cannot supply the magnitude food that Lord can eat. He can eat all worlds. So we should only ask Him to glance the naivedyam.

Stomach and throat donot speak. What to speak of mouth of perumal which can even speak.

hand of perumal is not ordinary. It killed the elephant of kamsa without effort.

Such a Lord holds sanka and chakra. What is the need of them?

It is only for the enjoyment of His devotees. Sothat they can enjoy His beauty.

chakra never leaves Lord anytime. He removes all our blemishes, by the mere sight of His chakra.

The mere sight of perumal holding sankha removes all sins.

When the Lord blew His conch, the hearts of drutarashtra have lost all hopes of surviving.

panchajanya thunders. Chakra must go and destroy Lord's enemies, but conch can stay in the hands of Lord itself, still destroy enemies.

the greatness of sanka can be seen in gajendra moksha parvam.

It is not destruction of Lord's enemies, it is destruction of our arishadvargas(within us)- shatrugna(one who vanquished enemies).

Enemies are not external enemies. It is our ahankara. and other malaignities.

all our blemishes can be removed by chakra.

vaikuntanadhan is He holding 2 hands, or 4 hands?

pramaNams asked by nanjeeyar to bhattar.

Bhattar says, if He is in 2 hands, He would be like periyaperumal, if He is in 4 hands, He would be like namperumal.

Only tiruppanalwar could get darsan of 4 arms of periyaperumal, as graced by periyaperumal Himself.

Why kaveri splits into 2 at rangam?

Because it experiences turbulence, by the third river of periya perumal's Mercy.

Mountain of sins can only be removed by this great mountain called periya perumal.

alwar is taken totally by the beauty of the Lord.

in vaikuntam, Lord gets everything. Still He comes to this mortal world just to accept one tulasi leave.

Lord is like mother of all. Rudra is in trouble with brahma hatya dosham, Lord being merciful, Himself came down showing His motherly love, and rescued rudra.

Lord thinks, it is His own responsibility to protect everyone. Thats why He comes down.

One that just not rule, but even over-power His subjects.

He is even capable of overpowering even enemies.

rudra is a direct grandson of emperuman. But we donot regret that we donot share such relationship with Him, as for us, He is mother, father, husband, final destination, and everything

Arjuna pleads to Lord to remove His ignorance.

Indra, rudra such gods are obsessed with their post even though they are devotees of perumal, but for us, we have no other refuge but Lord, hence He takes more pity on us.

Till all samsaris are saved by His grace, Lord will stay in tiruvarangam.

If Mother is angry, the child wont go and cry in the arms of another mother, but will cry in the arms of its own mother.

The baby can experience assurance only in its mother.

we should develop strong viswasam on the Lord's mercy.

We are defeated and made to seek His kainkaryam by His beauty.

Perumal shows us what is to be done by us, by lying on adisesha. I.e., just as sesha, we must always seek His kainkarya.

Lord is most beautiful why He is lying down. Only to enhance His beauty. In that position He attracts more of His devotees, and frightens His enemies.

periya perumal's lying down position is un-understandable. Is he lying on His back or side?

No one can sleep like that. It is a posture only for periya perumal.

By the mandahasam of the Lord, alwar is taken away. Now alwar doesnot even know where He is now, he lost everything that was his, including His atma.

Hence he exclaims 'ayyo!'

tiruppanalwar tiruvadigale saranam!!!

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Ramanuja dasan Anand Iyengar said...

Akalakillen Pasuram

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan – Govindachari Anand Iyengar

My humble explanation of Nammazhvar’s akalakillen pasuram in present day context

Explanation of first line ‐Akalakillen

Azhvar identifies the lord as one in whose heart alarmel mangai constantly resides without refusing to be separated from him at any point of time. Azhvars tells us that we should follow the example of alarmel mangai, seek a place in his heart and have vairagyam like alarmel mangai to remain there after having secured a place. The lord has already done this by residing permanently in our hearts. It is now our turn to reciprocate the gesture.

Explanation of second line – Nigaril pugazhai ulagam moondrudayai

The lord is praised here as the possessor of three worlds and who controls us. Azhwar restricts the number of worlds to three although there are infinite. This is because if you are attracted to the lord of three worlds, would you leave the lord after you know that he is the lord of infinite worlds. This line of thinking is in sync with the materialistic mind that we all possess.

Explanation of Third line – Nigaril amarar munikanangal virumbum

Azhvar is aware that we turn to demigods ( amarars ‐devas ) and muni (rishis) for fulfillment of our earthly desires. Those who can fulfill your earthly desires, they themselves are in awe and worship the supreme lord, says azhvar. This automatically implies that the supreme lord is capable of fulfilling your earthly desires and more.

Explanation of the final line – Pugal ondrilla adiyen un adi kizh amarnthu pugundhene

Pugal ondrilla ‐Azhvar implies here that he has already tried all other demi gods i.e other options of pugal and found none of them to be worthy for total surrender ( saranagati ) and ultimate bliss ( kainkaryam to the lord in paramapadam ). He says this so that we all don’t repeat what he did and waste our time.

Adi kizh amarnthu pugudhal – Pughudhal is the process of entering paramapadam to do nitya kainkaryam to lord. Pugudhal can be achieved by saranagati and saranagati is to be done to the acharya.

If you go to gurukulas, you will notice that the acharya is seated on an elevated platform while disciples are seated below near his feet. Adi kizh amarnthu therefore means to do saranagati at the feet of acharya which will in turn help us to complete the process of pugudhal.
The lord is the acharya of azhvar and the azhvar says that he will learn the concept of saranagati at the feet of the lord and then enter his divine kingdom.

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