Saturday, June 9, 2007

sri vaishnava lakshanas: SrI narasimhan swami

9th June 2007, 22:30-23:00

External lakshanas

Internal lakshanas:
In MMP, lokaswami says: The materialistic hold on all jivas, from brahma to an insignificant being.

The materialistic thoughts are binding us. We throw the fragrance of the flower when we throw the flower. When we leave emperuman...

3 holds:
bhagavad kainkaryam- the best to hold on

What all great people taught us to leave materialistic hold. Best example is vibhishana, who left everything for rAma.

protection system:
1horse-10 foot soldiers
1ele-10 horses
1 chariot-10 elephants

dharma yudham: Only equally armed people fight.

vibhishana suggests ravana to surrender even in the war.

lakshmana is rich with kainkaryam even in vanavasam.

kurattalwan is the best example for vairagyam.

vedanta desika is best example for vairagya bhushana. He was not attached to anything in this world. A friend vidyaranya, a court poet in vijayanagara. So he suggested to join the royal court, for his great pandityam. But swami replied with vairagya panchakam.

Once one sishya of desika gave gold coins in the alms of desika. His wife doesnot know what gold is, so she shows desikan the shining coins. And desikan calls them worms that plunge into material world and throws them.

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