Monday, June 4, 2007

amalanadhipiran - SrI ranganathan swami

4th June 2007, 22:00-23:50 IST

last pasuram of amalanadhipiran:

the very structure of the last pasuram is very beautiful.

NO reference of kavi, place or any detail in the pasuram. THe pasuram shows alwar has no distinct identity.

One whose mouth has eaten butter,
He has captured my mind
The Lord of all brahmAndam
The great ornament of SrIrangam
He is my elixir
After seeing the Lord, I will not see anything else with these eyes.

Till Now, alwar has been seeing periya perumaL with His gnana netrams.

But in this pasuram, alwar entered sanctum sentorium, and watches Lord directly.

One who is in the colour of a cloud.

Samsaris have 3 kinds of despairs(taapams)

The Lord in order to quench this heat of samsAris, He in the form of periya perumal with periya piratti with different ornaments( sparkling like a rainbow)

THe tirumeni of the Lord...

His tirumeni is carries lot of water. It vanquishes the heat of the samsaris.

This Lord took vibhava avataram as gOpalan. His identification is 'one who stole and ate butter'.

Here this reference is made to periya perumal. If He was in rama avataram, it is not possible.

Kousalya would never tie Lord, hence He came as krishNa. Every one came to know that He has stolen butter. After stealing butter and caught red handed, He is hiding Himself in tiruvarangan.
rangam is His hiding place.

He has stolen alwar's soul(butter). Here, there is none to bind Him. His aim for stealing was to get caught.
Similarly catch alwar's soul and get pasurams from alwar.

He is the leader of mildmaidmen, and the brahmAndam.

He is equipped with both paratvam and soulabhyam.

By looking at an ornament, we need not know its components, we just need to enjoy the beauty of the ornament.

Periya perumal's beauty can be enjoyed by ordinary men. He is amUlya(invaluable)

And such Lord is my elixir, nektar. Devas also drank some nektar. But that helps only their bodies. But alwar's nectar is saves his soul. Alwar makes distinction between his nectar and that of devas'

These eyes that have seen periya perumal, sees none else.

My experience will not go anywhere else.

Just like hanuma, whose mind cannot wander among many forms of rama, not even paramapadanadha.

Alwar doesnot have interest in any other para, vyuha, vibhava, archa forms of the Lord.

Alwar says, the final upEyam (final fruit) is just being able to experience periya perumaL continuously.

swaroopa, guna vibhUtis are explicitly shown by periya perumaL to alwar.

One forgets one's bhUta sarIra. spontaneously. ALwar forgets everything about himself and situation. He only knows periya perumaL now.

Everything else has no meaning, except periya perumaL.

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